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FOS 100 series

Leakage & scale free mold tempetature controllers

Product line

  • FOS-140ST
  • FOS-160ST
  • FOS-180ST

Product description

Occurrence of scale is prevented by applying Anti-corrosion and antirust design, and A variety of the options are available responding to customer's demands.

Standard Specification

Functional Specification

General Specification

FOS 2000 series

High flow & high head-capacity mold temperature controller

Product line

  • FOS-2090ST
  • FOS-2160ST
  • FOS-2240ST
  • FOS-2430ST

Product description

FOS-2000 is designed to be operated at water supply temperatures from 10℃ to 120℃ and only for water. The high head-capacity and high flow rate features enable the customers to select even the large size injection molding process.

The multi zone type, separately controlling the temperatures of the core part and the cavity part is also available.

Customers can purchase FOS-2000 series equipped with various options available. For more details, please contact us.

Standard Specification

Functional Specification

General Specification

SOCUL II series

Highly efficient and precise mold cooling chiller

Product line

  • SOCUL II-103W
  • SOCUL II-105W
  • SOCUL II-107W
  • SOCUL II-110W
  • SOCUL II-115W
  • SOCUL II-120W
  • SOCUL II-130W
  • SOCUL II-140W
  • SOCUL II-150W

Product description

With optimal design and cooling temperature control, realize a perfect mold cooling temperature for improving productivity and quality.

Outstanding performance

  • Realizes a balanced precise and stable mold temperature. → ±1℃ temperature deviation for standard type, ±1℃ temperature deviation for precise type(option) (In lab condition)
  • Assembled with high reliable parts→Reduced noise, size/light weight, and improved energy effeciency
  • Specifically designed for instrument durability and convenient maintenance.
  • Interlock integrated production control system with network.
  • Various options avaliable.

Convenient usability

  • Provides a simple and intuitive UI considering the user.
  • Easy to figure out working status, manage, maintenance.

High reliability

  • Applied with approved multiple safety devices.
  • Trip alarm history fucntion.
  • Provides a quick and thorough customer service

RICH series

Temperature controlling system for high glossy products

Product line

  • RICH-2
  • RICH-4
  • RICH-5
  • FICH-7
  • RICH-7a
  • RICH-5R
  • RICH-7R


RICH SYSTEM (Rapid lsolation Cooling & Heating)

It is the system to rapidly heat and cool the mold cavity in every cycle   by supplying the steam and cooling water each.

The Effects

Good surface quality (High glossy, Weld-less, No painting, No scratch)
High productivity (Cycle time reduction)
Microstructure precision molding (Light guide panels of LCD)

The Applications

High glossy parts
Weld-line parts
High cycle parts
Parts repuiring the improved flow length

Comparison and advance

Utility specifications

General specifications

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