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Celpa Air Filter is an exclusive filter for the Lohas-Air Cleaner, and the Core Technology of our LOHAS COMPANY.

The embossing film of filter wound 80~200 times up which retains air flow and keeps the direction to capture micro dusts.


  • Celpa Air Filter has + pole and - pole at the same time.
  • Micro dust s (even under 0.25㎛) are also captured easily as the air space is attached to the designed narrow tunnel.
  • Input loss is very small. (0.5~5.0mmH2O)
  • Less Power at time of product design, Low noise, Less Air speed, Availability of filter size changing according to the product sizeㆍshape, Sealing of cylindrical filter (easy assembly) are the big merits that are not available for general filters.
  • The bump area of the high molecule Nano film is a cutting edge technology of the Celpa Air Filter only to make the staying time in the air of various substances causing pollutions long.
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