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Two-way functions in one machine. Sterilizer by strong cold plasma ionizer & UV-C led. Also purifying with the HEPA filter.

Essential items in the fendemic environment due to the sterilization of human corona viruses and various harmful bacteria. Plasma effect enables excellent sterilization, antibacterial, deodorization, and anti-virus.

A number of effectiveness and stability-related certifications, including the anti Human Corona virus certificate from MICROBAC in the U.S.

Four-step filtering system to catch germs, odors, and fine dust at once. Pre-filter, Hepa filter, UV-C led and Cold Plasma Ionizer.

The design of optimal air circulation structure for strong clean-up capacity.

Masterpiece-level design! Suitable for vehicle Dress up Item

Based on UK’s Ministry of Defence Research
Covers up to 120m2
Alleviates Sick House Syndrome


Filtering Pre Filter, UV-C, Cold Plasma Ionizer. H11 Filter
Rated Voltage DC 5V
Rated Capacity 5W
Color Dark Gray
Noise ≤ 35dB
Weight/Size 400g / ∅66*180 [mm]
Material High-Strength Aluminium
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