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Slurry is prepared by mixing appropriate ratio of anode or cathode materials with binder conductive materials under vacuum for a specified period of time


R & D Line Range 5 ~ 15 Ltr
Pilot Scale 50~100 Liter
Mass Scale 500~1000 Liter

The foil is coated with the slurry using an application tool The foil is coated either continuously or intermittently in the coating direction. Generally, the top and bottom sides of the foil are coated sequentially.


Coating width 50~700mm
Line speed 1~10 m/min
Coating type Slot die, Comma Reverse Coating
Mode Continuous, intermittent & Multi stripe
Line Support R&D , Pilot Scale & Mass Production Line

Roller press calendar compresses and compacts the coated electrode onto the current collector metal foils to improve the energy density of the battery, provide even thickness and density.


Line speed 1~10 m/min
Foil Width Max. 700mm
Pre heating Electric Heater(Max.150°C)

The slitting machine can slit electrode with width up to 500mm, and with finished slitting width from 20mm to 500mm with different model cutter blade.


Line speed 1~30 m/min
Slitting type Shear Knife Type
Knife cutting Max. 7 Cut
Slitting width Min. 40mm

Ultrasonic welding machine

Ultrasonic welding technology to the anode tab and cathode tab on aluminum and copper thin film foil

Semi–Auto winding machine

Winding to form cylindrical shape by applying precise 'Mandrel' to 'Tab welded electrode' and separate.

Can & Cap machine

welding the anode & cathode tabs of Winding Jelly Roll to 'Aluminum can bottom' and 'Can Cap Assembly'.

Electrolyte Filling machine

Electrolyte Filling precisely fill the liquid inside the CAN for ion movement

Vent Cap Assemby

'Vent Cap Ass'y' by applying precision 'Ring Knife' and spin force to the top of the can where 'Jelly Roll' is inserted.


Crimping or final sealing of 'Vent Cap Assembly ' and the top of the can through a three-step shape mechanical process

Notching Machine

Notching coated electrode supplied from a roll by using precision mold to meet user's demand.

Stacking Machine

Stacking electrode in zigzags together with separate to produce stacked cell.

Pouch Forming machine

Pouch Forming Supplying 'Al Pouch' from its roll to complete outside shape of pouch cell. -Pouch is formed that can contain stacked cell.

welding machine

Tab welding process for stacked cell by means of 'Ultrasonic welding process' between Anode, Cathode aluminum collector and Ni-Tab, Al-Tab.

Electrolyte Filling machine

Feeling inside 3-side sealed pouch with electrolyte. It is the process to fill electrolyte precisely.

Sealing machine

welding the anode & cathode tabs of Winding Jelly Roll to 'Aluminum can bottom' and 'Can Cap Assembly'.

De-gasing &Final Sealing

Pouch cell would be charged a certain amount of electrolyte. After Pre-charging, Degassing & Final Sealing.
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