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Catalyst Coating Machine-Fuel cell

Fuel cell catalyst coating systems are uniquely suited for these challenging applications by creating highly uniform, repeatable, and durable coatings


Coating Type Slot die type
Coating method Sheet to sheet or roll to roll type
Max Coating Width 280 mm
Substrate materials Plastic film/Carbon Sheet
Coating Thickness 50-150 microns
Coating Speed 0.5m~2m/min
Applications Carbon coating -Electrodes
Coating Type Slot die type

GDL is designed to Improving gas permeability and water management at high current density We have developed the various MPL to apply into different application which allows customers to choose the proper GDL.

MPL Type

Carbon Paper is also named GDBL(Gas Diffusion Backing Layer)

GDBL is made from carbon fibers in the wet-laid process. PEMFC needs GDBL with uniform thickness, low electrical resistance, and high mechanical strength

Standard Carbon Paper
  • 170㎛ ~ 280㎛ thickness
  • PEMFC : FCV, Stationary, Portable
  • DMFC : FCV, Emergency
Thinner Carbon Paper
  • ≤150㎛ thickness
  • PEMFC : Next Generation FCV, Portable

GF [Graphite Felt Electrode for Redox Flow Battery]

The flow battery is rechargeable battery with the reactive electrolyte supplied from electrolyte tank to stack. Unique surface treatment technology, Graphite Felt Electrode with highly graphitized show excellent values in terms of performance and durability.

Material Property Unit GF051BH GF061AH Remark
Average Thickness mm 4.2 ± 0.5 5.0 ± 0.5
Areal Weight g/㎡ 400 ± 50 500 ± 50
Carbon content wt.% ≥ 99.0 ≥ 99.0 -
Electrical resistance (Thru Plane) Ω∙mm <12 <12 @20% compressed
Purity (Total metal content) ppm <400 <400 -
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