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SoundCross is a Digital Audio Codec Multiplexer which is avail either to encode or to decode Analog Digital Audio Signal over X.21(Nx64) or E1(2.048Mbps) to transmit to remote station.


Cards capacity
Max. ports/unit : 1Port Digital/Analog
Audio: Stereo 1channel
Audio : Balanced XLR-3
X.21( n x 64) : DB-15 x2
10/100Base-T: RJ-45
IP Interface
Interface : 10/100 Base T
Connector : RJ -45
Audio : Balanced XLR-3
X.21( n x 64) : DB-15 x2
10/100Base-T: RJ-45
Network Management
Interface : RS-232C, Ethernet
In-bandManagement over E1
Dimension(mm) : 493(W) X300(D) X45(H)
Power : 110/220VAC
2.048Mbps Interface
Line data rate : 2.048Mbps
Line coding : HDB3
Impedance : 120ohm
Connector Type : RJ-45 x2
Audio Format
Analog/Digital : upto 20k 16 bit 384 k
Audio Input : Analog/Digital
Audio Output: Analog/ Digital
Sampling: upto 48 KHz
Bandwidth: upto 20KHz
Algorithm: upto 24 Bit
Sound Type: Stereo/Mono/Dual Mono
System Environment Configuration
Date & Time: allows to set date & time
Physical Address : shows the physical addres s
System IP Address : displays the IP
Default Gateway: displays default gateway
SubnetMask: displays subnet mask
CMS Port Number : displays the Port Number
LCD Backlight: ON/OFF
Auto Cut off lock: ON/OFF
Display Explorer Port: P1/P2
Power consumption

SoundCross-IP has two channels high quality audio Signals usage for transceiver from studio, out door broadcasting,other reley broadcasting. Digital/Analog codec is accomplishment for tansmission to main equipment by use of IP Network, which is connected to one circuit stereo digital/analog signal after compressed signal.


System capacity
Audio Type: 1Port Digital/Analog
Audio: Stereo 1 channel
Network Management
Interface: RJ-45
Dimension (mm):208(W) X 302(D) X 50(H)
Power: 110 ~ 220VAC
Weight: 1Kg
Audio: Balanced XLR-3
10/100Base-T: RJ-45
IP Interface
Interface: 10/100 Base T
Connector: RJ-45
10/100Base-T: RJ-45
Operating Temperature
0 ~ 50 C

SoundCross-M ( Multichannel Audio Codec / E1 Multiplexer ) can transmit the signal of Voice, Audio, Data and Ethernet to remote station with up to E1(2.048Mbit/s) class.


Cards capacity
3 Channel (Voice, E&M)
Data Audio, 10/100 Base-T :1channel
Network Management
Interface: RS-232C, Ethernet
In-band Management over E1
Dimension (mm): 493(w)X365(D)X133(H)
Power: 48VDC, 110/220VAC
Voice, E&M: Wire wrap, RJ-11, RJ-45
Audio : Balanced XLR-3
Data(nx64): M34
Data(Low rate): D-SUB 25P
10/100Base-T: RJ-45
Power Consumption
MAX 300W

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