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The next generation commentary codec for commentary booth, OB-trucks and remote working. AES67 and direct studio connection

Scoopy+ S is a highly versatile audio codec and can be used in a carrying bag for mobile news gathering or on a desk for sports and other events.

The new SCOOP5 S comes with multiple network interfaces including IP, ISDN, Leased Line, POTS and cellular 2G/3G/4G-LTE with HD Voice for high quality transmission. SCOOP5 S combines a major upgrade of the software platform with an ergonomically improved design.

Audio codec on your iOS or Android smartphone.

eScoopFone turns your smartphone into a live report ultra-light codec with broadcast audio quality.

Modular multi-channel codec with IP, ISDN and AES67, up to 16 audio connections in 3U

The easy-to-use ScoopFone HD is designed for the needs of journalists, mobile or on-the-spot reporters. It also performs great in TV wireless coordination and any live long distance communication where professional quality matters.

Rackmount audio codec with IP and leased lines for live transmissions

Rackmount version of ScoopFone HD

Powerful mixing and recording facilities in one single device!

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